Prajna Institute of Yoga and Allied Sciences (PIYAS) is a knowledge based organisation which has successfully married the Ancient wisdoms like Yoga, Nature Cure, Ayurveda etc with the understanding of Modern Scientific knowledge to create an unique, integrated and holistic approach to Health and Disease. The various programs have materialised out of experiments and experiences of more than 60,000 people from around the world in the last twenty five years. The programs especially the Stress management program are customized depending on the assessment of the Stress profile, Health profile and the requirements of the people.

PRAJNA YOGA & NATURE CURE CENTRE is a unique Holistic Health Centre that operates on the principle that – “Every one of us has the inherent potential to heal. Our Lifestyle, Food and Attitude can either Make or Mar it”

At PIYAS we recommend that – “Do not lose your health and even if you do, regain it the Natural and Spiritual way”.