About us

PIYAS – a centre which has the uniqueness in making person independent in all his / her health aspects It is a centre which is blended the ancient wisdom with modern science, to provide the best treatment for the people who are in need of it through its unique programs which totally free of any side effects.

The centre believes in providing long lasting, side-effects free and holistic results through its various kinds of health disciplines like yoga, naturecure, meditation, ayurveda, physiotherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, diet counseling, de-addiction & de-stress programs.

We are very keen in promoting education of yoga & nature cure through different modules and have also taken up research and development work towards this aim.


PIYAS envisions a healthy society free from disease, stress, personal, professional and family problems by following simple, easy and effective customized programs based on eternal tradition by combining different practices of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Nature Cure and vibrant Vedic Philosophy of life in the context and realism of Modern Medical Science.

PIYAS aims at bringing about Human Excellence at Personal, Professional, Social and Spiritual levels through Conscious Evolution and Transformation combining different schools of Yoga i.e. Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga with Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other Allied disciplines supported by modern science and technology which further leads to Peace, Prosperity and Success in Life.

PIYAS invites every one to learn, understand, experiment, experience and realize easy, simple, integrated, holistic programs and practices aimed at achieving Health, Harmony and Happiness; Stress and Chronic disease Management; Children’s / School Violence and Stress Management; Management of Personal, Professional, Family and other problems. These programs achieve preventive, promotive and preservative health care besides awakening one to the inner potential.


  • To make everyone experience what Health is according to the WHO definition. (because just being disease-free is not health)
  • To make everybody very lively
  • To prepare them in such a way that they can face any kind of situation in life positively and lively and come out of it
  • To work on their Mental and Emotional level through the Physical problems that they have
  • Give simple and practical Tools and techniques to lead a stress-free and joyous life every moment
  • Become your own Doctor and become independent in the matters of Health so that you need not go anywhere else for treatment because our body has amazing self healing capacities and chemical laboratory within us which can be availed any time any moment
  • Educate everybody at the level of Health. Earn health and learn to maintain it. Make it your most valuable asset

The CONCEPT of PIYAS programs 

Every man aspires to live; move and act in Love, Energy, Awareness & Peace at every moment but this can only be achieved when inner state of consciousness is discovered by man who is consciously allowed to act upon conflicting events and conditions, problems and sufferings in the material world. But ignorance, unconsciousness and limitations converted into experience of conflicts, stress, stress induced disorders, anger, anxiety, failures and has brought down the strength, stamina of body, lowered down the tolerance, emotional balance and poise and increased mental distractions, agitations, diseases etc.  Yoga offers every one an opportunity to know and experience a life beyond stress.

The essence of various PIYAS programs is a celebration of life  – UTSAV There is tremendous inner potential within all human beings. All potentials are much more in quality, quantity, skills, knowledge, attitude and aptitude that manifests in Truth(Satya), Pure Consciousness(Bodha), Knowledge(Jnana), Love(Prem) and Bliss(Ananda).  But the human life finds that his life is full of contradictions, problems, sufferings, anxiety, stress,  jealousy, hatred, negativities etc. so the self discovery means here, to discover these five attributes within first and then allow to manifest in body, life and mind.

PIYAS programs integrates many practices from Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Karma Yoga and Integral Yoga. The one fundamental aim is to know, practice and experience what happens when we gather the scattered mind within, drop the surface mind and enter into a state not known earlier. And this is done by all the practices integrated into PIYAS programs. All practices may be known to you but what VY offers the procedures, processes and the way the practices are done that takes immediately into inner consciousness and lasting health and existence free of problems and pain.

Every moment in life is a manifestation of The Brahman. The Brahman is of the nature of SatChitAnanda. SatChitAnanda is the absolute existence-consciousness -bliss. Every moment if full of consciousness but we are not conscious of every moment in life. When one goes deep within, he discovers that joy is found in conscious living where there is no room for unconsciousness, and limitations, dualities, conflicts and confusions etc. after knowing and experiencing the LEAP within, one can bring all of them down into body, life and mind so that life becomes Joy of Conscious Living – JOCL. In Conscious Living stress simply drops down, anxiety, depression, anger, agitations dissolves, stress induced disorders are relieved and life discovers a new meaning, a new way, a new approach and a New Paradigm of Living.

Experiment based knowledge brings happiness in material life while experience based knowledge brings Ananda in the whole of life.

There is a paradigm of life that sufferings and problems are inherent in life. More one wants to achieve in life greater the struggle one makes. There are many other paradigms associated with this statement like one suffers, world is a place where one has to move carefully and manipulate in order to succeed. Disease, stress, sufferings are inevitable. But all paradigms are set by mind which is an instrument of knowledge but not the faculty of knowledge. And if the world and cosmos is created, it must have been created by One and that one before creation must have conceived the world with one aspect of him ever present.

Here the paradigm is to live, move and act in Ananda as creation is done in Ananda, by Ananda and for Ananda. Infact, paradigm of life needs to change in order to succeed in life and secure ever lasting happiness, infinite energy, peace, bliss and knowledge.

The tips and means for perfecting the Sadhana

  • The attendance in all classes is essential as every class opens the concepts, new ways to practice the Sadhana in order to reach to perfection as fast as possible.
  • Attend PIYAS programs with smile as it enhances awareness and attention of that which is beyond mind and is full of Love, Awareness & Peace
  • There are targets set for every practice in PIYAS programs which if progressively mastered can bring far reaching positive changes into life.
  • The only condition is to succeed in PIYAS programs is the mind that is aware and attentive, aspires for Peace within, and seeks only the truth and nothing else.
  • The regular practice has a rhythm and rate besides the progressive unfolding of consciousness. Kindly attend all sessions.
  • The regular practice, continuity, determination, enthusiasm are the very conditions in which PIYAS programs succeeds.
  • The life, mind and body are offered the best way to enter into within and set the life on the path of self discovery that is explained in different takes during the sessions of PIYAS programs

PIYAS lays the foundation for conscious Self Discovery aimed at excellence in life while awakening to those traits that brings an abundance of riches in material and spiritual life. When one decides to follow the path of spiritual evolution and conscious transformation and follows all the practices of PIYAS consciously he/she starts experiencing positive changes at the physiological, mental, emotional and behavioral levels. There exist possibilities for infinite changes but the following specific changes are underlined here:

  • Physical, emotional and well being (Management of stress and SID(stress induced disorders)
  • Personal, Professional, social excellence ( personality development)
  • Awakening and experience of LEAP
  • Enhancement of energy (which manifests in stamina, strength, vitality, concentration, memory , Lowering of fatigue, an experience of deep and sound sleep, higher immunity levels)
  • Love (immense happiness within, cheerfulness, joy, very intense but deep relationship, dissolving of negative emotions such as anger, hatred etc)
  • Enhanced level of awareness of life (dropping of unconscious , mechanical and habitual movements from life)
  • Peace (peace consciousness responds with effective adjunctive/alternative management of psychosomatic disorders like Hypertension, Heart, respiratory problems, spinal and other common diseases)
  • Raising the current level of working to higher levels with increased skills, knowledge, positive attitude, traits for success and prosperity.
  • 3H-Health, Harmony and Happiness
  • Adjunctive /alternative management of problems like TATT(Tired all the time), SAD(Seasonal affective disorders), fatigue, anxiety, depression, anger, diabetes, asthma, obesity, insomnia and other stress related problems.

What PIYAS expects from people to get maximum benefits?

  • Join and attend all the sessions as per the module.
  • Know NPL-New Paradigm of living and apply the same in life and living from day one.
  • Practice Any Time Any Where (ATAW) tools to bring about changes in your attitude, behavior and personality.
  • Put your 100% into the PIYAS Programs & practices while attending for total transformation in life.
  • Clarify your doubts after the Sadhana for clear and deeper understanding.

All programs are conducted by the trained facilitators of Team PIYAS. Every program offers, information, knowledge, in-depth understanding, rational interpretation of all concepts and guided practices aimed at Conscious Evolution. All programs are conducted in an atmosphere charged with higher level of Consciousness, Love and Ananda so that every practice becomes easy to learn, live and experience for self discovery. Attending PIYAS Programs is an experience of love, harmony; an awakening within for conscious evolution; means of stress management and personality development and opens one to infinite possibilities for growth, evolution and transformation.