Stress Management


Introduction – The need for Stress management with a Holistic approach
Modern world has witnessed tremendous advancement of science and technology but has also brought diseases, problems and sufferings unknown to man in the past. Life expectancy has increased but number of diseases too has increased manifold. Health is the greatest concern and disease the greatest threat in the modern age. The cost of managing disease is increasing at an alarming rate due to advent of modern medicines and complex machines and specializations. The present day symptomatic treatment, adverse side effects and rising cost of treatment and medication, global warming, ever increasing pollution and other disease attracting conditions have forced human race to revive their interests in the ancient wisdom’s i.e. Nature Cure, Ayurveda, Yoga, Astrology, Vaastu, and Acupuncture etc. All these ancient holistic practices that are together known as alternative /supplementary systems of medicine have now attracted global attention. The revival of interest in ancient sciences of health care, spirituality, lifestyle management etc is revalidating their importance and application in the modern era.

Modern man is exposed to information on hundreds of events daily, hourly and every moment. Modern Age is both Age of Anxiety and Age of Information. This information and anxiety has disintegrated man with abundance of riches in the outer space and created poverty in the inner space. He has modern gadgets, tools and resources at his disposal but lost natural skills, attitude, knowledge and wisdom to live with health, harmony and happiness. He has totally lost The Art of Healthy Living. The ancient wisdoms created a healthy society without the help of modern medication, pills, surgery and organ transplant as they knew The Art of Healthy Living – Living, Moving and Acting in Health, Harmony and Happiness.

PIYAS approach
The approach of PIYAS is Wholistic. Holistic Health is an integrated approach towards Life. It is an integration of Outer and Inner space. The ancient wisdoms deeply understood the secret of both i.e. the outer material world and inner spiritual reality. The ancient wisdom of moving from Inner Space to Outer Space had been well known, which the science knew only since few decades as Psychosomatic and Stress induced disorders. Health is not only Physical health but Mental, Social and Spiritual health also. The ancient wisdoms offer very simple, easy, effective and inexpensive approach towards health.

About the program – UTSAV-E
A program designed by PIYAS known as UTSAV-E, an Integral Program on Stress Management and Health, Harmony & Happiness is based on a unique combination of the ancient wisdoms of Yoga, Nature cure and Ayurveda supported by the knowledge of modern science. Many practices of Yoga and Nature cure like Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Relaxation, Drugless treatments like Packs, Enema, Hydrotherapy and Natural dietary regimen along with Relaxation and Meditation concepts will be given to the participants during the program.

Benefits of the program:
The program aims at promotion of complete Health and a Healthy lifestyle.
Management of day to day stress and pressures effectively with the simple practises learnt in the program
Managing common diseases without any drug or medication. Most of the practises taught in the program can be done at the work place/table without any special preparation except the drive in oneself to do it
Keep oneself in Health, Harmony and Happiness
Journey towards a higher consciousness and progress on the path of Self Discovery