About Us

PIYAS holistic health center - an exclusive establishment in Bangalore, India, was established to provide a full range of allied medical practices such as Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Spirituality supported by Allopathic Diagnostics services.

The center has out-patient (OP), in-patient (IP) facilities along with ancillary healthcare services such as health education, customized health packages, healthy diet, exclusive healthcare merchandise center and physiotherapy services.

PIYAS aims to spread the message of a holistic approach towards life with an emphasis towards nature cure, conservation of the environment, humanity, health & education for happy healthy living and world peace. The concept is to bring in the ancient knowledge and adopt science into our modern living, under one shelter.

PIYAS is fully staffed with a professional management team and doctors that support the state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to deliver the best personalized care to our patients.


  • PIYAS aims at bringing about human excellence at personal, professional, social and spiritual levels through programs combining different schools of Yoga with nature cure, meditation, food science and other allied disciplines supported by modern science and technology.

  • Create a society where every individual is in sync with Nature - lives naturally, develops naturally, attains health naturally and naturally maintains positive relationship with all.

  • To provide the best treatment for the people who are in need through its unique programs, free of any side effects

  • Chronic disease management and stress-free lifestyle.


PIYAS envisions a healthy society free from disease, stress, personal, professional problems by offering simple, easy and effective customized programs based on the eternal traditions and wisdom of ancient Indian sciences in the context and realism of modern medical science.


  • To facilitate patient healing and to promote WHolistic health, education in a natural, healthy and welcoming atmosphere.
  • To touch 10 million lives in the next 5 years by way of curative, preventive, promotive and preservative health care besides awakening one to the inner potential.
  • “We Care, Nature Cures; Holistic Living, Our Mission”

Quality Policy


  • Strive to unify, support, safeguard, build and educate the current and future community of naturopathy and other complementary therapy practitioners.
  • To promote the PIYAS center as an exclusive facility providing healthcare services with a holistic approach.
  • To establish and set up the center for providing exclusive naturopathy treatment as a niche service along with other allied medical practices like Ayurveda, Vaastu, Yoga and upgrade to the Spirituality level.
  • To foster partnership and to support other organizations for networking and integrating traditional medical practices.
  • To develop a healthy working culture for building the best personalized customer care experience across the country.
  • To create a framework of governance that integrates corporate, financial, eco-friendly facilities and information systems using a good practice management approach.

Key features of PIYAS

  • The dream project of a family that is deeply passionate about nature cure and has adopted it as a part of their lifestyle for over 70 years.

  • Backed by the mission of a spiritual yoga aspirant who has lived and dreamed the natural life for herself and mankind at large.

  • A vision that has touched and transformed lives of over 1 million people in India and beyond.

  • Health, Harmony & Happiness for all

Our Founders

Dr. Mahendra Balar

Co-Founder, MD PIYAS – Prajna Institute of Yoga & Allied Sciences

Dr. Neetu Jain

Co-Founder, MD PIYAS – Prajna Institute of Yoga & Allied Sciences

Our Team


Mr. Doulat Jain


Mr. Mahesh Jain


Mr. Rajesh Jain


Admin Team

Dr. Jayaprakash BNYS, MD (Acu), MBA (Hospital Admin)

Chief Administrator & COO

Tanveer Khan, M.Sc, PGDS

Manager – HR/Finance/Accounts