Allied Services

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Physiotherapy or Physical therapy is used to improve a patient's quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, physical intervention, and patient education. It uses mechanical force and assisted movements, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy to correct impairments, promote mobility and improve function. Physiotherapy administration commonly includes prescription of or assistance with specific exercises, manual therapy and manipulation, education, mechanical devices such as traction, physical agents which includes heat, cold, electricity, sound waves, radiation, assistive devices, prostheses, orthotics and other interventions. In addition, Physiotherapists work with individuals to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles. Physiotherapy is progressing at a fast pace and now has many specialties including Musculoskeletal, Sports, Neurological, Wound care, Cardiopulmonary, Geriatrics, Paediatrics Orthopaedics and Women's health.


Form of traditional medicine in which thin needles are inserted into specific points of the body. It is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. An expert practitioner will insert needles into a person's body with the aim of balancing their energy by removing blockages. This can help boost wellbeing and known to have curative benefits in many illnesses. Indications Musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others), Nausea, Migraine headache, Anxiety & depression, Insomnia and infertility. Contraindications Drug or alcohol intoxication, Seizure disorders, Bleeding disorders such as haemophilia or use of blood thinners, Infections skin disorder or diseases.

Chromo Therapy & Many More

Chromotherapy or Color therapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. Color and light have been utilized by healers for thousands of years. Our bodies need the sun's light to live. We use chromotherapy, the seven colors of the color spectrum to specific body areas and for specific conditions. Heliotherapy or Sunbathing means exposure of whole or part of the body to sunrays. Sunlight is absorbed by the nervous system and distributed by it and the bloodstream to the different parts of our body.

Magneto Therapy

Magneto Therapy has traditionally made use of static magnetic fields in order to facilitate treatment with regards to various internal aspects of the body. You might not be aware but such a therapeutic form of curing, and promoting good health has been in use since ancient times. However, in the modern world, the best natural care center uses ‘low pulse’ version of this theory, which has a continuous effect, and can result in medical experts directing their treatment in specific formats and intensity. This has allowed for such a therapy to become flexible and greatly effective in light of such conditions as pain, oedema, spasms and blood problems. It also facilitates in terms of well-oiled functioning for the entire body by reducing pain in different areas, relaxing the muscles, increasing the flow of blood etc.


Acupressure therapy is now a commonly accepted form of alternative treatment course, which involves professionally and medically trained massage treatments. These are normally offered alongside standard facilitations for treatment in terms of a wide variety of different standards. Simply speaking, acupressure treatment is certainly a popular and affirmative choice people make in light of suffering from a wide range of medical issues, including anxiety, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, insomnia, pain of various kinds etc. The possibilities of such a format of naturopathy treatment are finding new ways of application, and diversification through innovation is the order of the day. Our offerings shall include the entire extent of treatment as mentioned above, while also giving you extra help in the best meditation classes, which you cannot hope to find anywhere else.