We specialize in using nature’s abundance & the inherent capacity to self-heal towards providing a complete drug-less therapy system. Many diseases & disorders are treated with the help of nature cure. The list includes both Organic & Inorganic diseases like Obesity, Asthma, Sinusitis, Depression, Cancer, Renal failure, Arthritis & Arteriopathies, Gastritis, Hyperacidity, IBS, Constipation, Heart diseases, Hypertension, Diabetes etc.

Steam,Sauna & Jacuzzi

This Naturopathy Healing Center will offer you several bath treatment options, the most obvious ones of which include steam bath, sauna and Jacuzzi. They naturally have different characteristics, and as a result, the outcomes would be quite different anyway. In the case for a sauna, the main objective is for relaxation, and solving some physical problems like eliminating headaches, body pains, relaxation for muscles and tissues etc. On the other hand, steam baths and Jacuzzi focuses in creating significant heat so that effective sweating from the body would remove toxins and waste, and helps the quality of skin infinitely. Choosing us would mean you are opting for one of the best nature care hospitals in the world, especially in terms of these services.

Colon Cleansing Therapy

It is a commonly accepted fact that the Colon, or the large intestine, is the part of the human body that faces the maximum toxin accumulation. This results in several forms of issues, especially in the digestive tract over a long period of time, and calls for a holistic therapy, which can effectively improve the condition over all parts of the body. Generally, colon cleansing treatments are done through hydrotherapy in any naturopathy center, but the form of treatment considered is generally dependent upon the person affected. Water is controlled, dually with respect to temperature and pressure; which is then passed down the entire colon to flush the toxins and waste materials present. Some of the outcomes you may expect from such a form of treatment include efficient waste removal, reinforcing distinct organs and tissue layers along the lines of the colon, improving digestive operations, peristalsis stimulation, and rebalancing the microbiome in the gut to improve immunity.

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy has had a long history of use and application across the entire field of medicine at large, and as the name implies, is often obtained from different plants and its many parts. Herbal remedies are actually derived from medicinal application from different chemical constituents obtained from specific parts, which are also in terms of their respective extraction processes. These may include plant extracts, which are fresh or have been dried, resulting in a multitude of different medicinal products. In fact, numerous pharmaceutical drugs of today have their main constituents derived from various medicinal plants. As a result, when you take your time to visit a natural care center, such as ours, you can expect the best form of herbal medicinal therapy, which can cure a wide variety of health problems across the board. These medicines are assigned differently both in terms of external and internal application to the body, and may even be used as dietary supplements.

Hydro Therapy

Hydrotherapy treatments are widely used across natural care centers, utilizing water in order to treat very real human conditions and health issues. Traditionally an innate part of the Panchamabhutas, water’s healing and therapeutic properties have been in use well outside the commonly accepted boundaries of living memory. The main factor is the temperature involved in the water treatments, which in light of different issues can certainly produce different kinds of effects. The application may take place in terms of both intrinsic and extrinsic to the human body, and since water is usually found in different forms- steam, liquid water and ice are all used in a wide variety of natural healthcare centers. Common ways of application may involve immersion bath, spray jets, douche, compression through hot and cold etc.

Mud Therapy

Among the many naturopathic therapy formats, mud treatment might be the one that is most unique, and perhaps the most ancient one. Mud has been used as a formative form of treatment since the ancient times, and it has continued across different regions throughout history. On an overall basis, visiting a naturopathy clinic, you will be able to view the advantages of this treatment comeback, which may result in muscle relaxation, improvement in circulation, digestive cleaning and functioning, as well as achieving that perfectly balanced rate of metabolism. When applied locally, however, there are, in fact, even more advantages, including inflammation reduction, relief from stiffness and pain in joints, and improvement of skin and hair quality drastically.