Therapeutic Programs

PIYAS Nature cure & Yoga Hospital, an initiative of Surajbai Sardarmull Navyas Trust, is an exclusive WHolistic health centre in the heart of the garden city, Bengaluru – a centre which has the uniqueness in making person independent in all aspects of health.

It is a centre which has blended the ancient wisdom with knowledge of modern science, to provide the best treatment optons for the people who are in need of it through its unique therapeutic programs which are totally free of any side effects. The centre believes in providing long lasting, side-effects free and holistic results through its various kinds of health disciplines like yoga, pranayama, nature cure, meditation, ayurveda, physiotherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, diet & nutrition counselling, detox & de-stress programs.

Allergy/Asthma Care

Self-management techniques to improve your immunity and lung capacity with proper counseling on yogic kriyas, breathing exercises, pranayama, diet, acupuncture, home based and naturopathic treatments.

Arthritis Care

You can enjoy a fuller and more active lifestyle through yoga, nutrition, therapeutic massages, naturopathic treatments and acupuncture, which helps reduce both physical and emotional pain.

Cardiac Diseases/Hypertension Control Program

This will help effectively control your condition by following heart disease reversal diets, relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage, naturopathic treatments and lifestyle changes.

Detox and De-stress Programs

Be it smoking, drugs or alcohol, we support determined individuals with the aid of counseling, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, herbal and naturopathic treatments.

Diabetes Program

With a balanced management of diet, packs, yoga, naturopathic treatments, lifestyle changes and herbal medicine, we help you maintain optimal sugar levels.

Therapeutic Skin Care

Treat your skin-related ailments, acne and dandruff using customized natural packs, herbal massages, hydrotherapy, dietary plans and other natural treatments.