Training Programs

We offer training programs and sessions to mothers and professions, to have practical exposure and create self-awareness to maintain their holistic health. We ensure to transfer the knowledge and apprehension of symptom recognization and find a long-lasting solution to restore the health. The training session also includes self-care and reveals the permanent remedy for any disease.

Mother/s Training Program

A new mother might lack the knowledge in catering the babies symptoms and analyzing the cause for the disease. However, she recognizes from that experience. Having another option, she also gains knowledge from her family, friends, etc. But, the advice, a piece of information read on the internet or opinions from different people may not give a clear picture of knowing the cause and methods of treating the kid. To stop these overlapping thoughts and mental chaos, we have introduced an intensive course on natural therapies and diet, exclusively for mothers, who will also be the 'first doctor.' The seven self-paced one-to-one training sessions deliver practical observation from therapists for treating the illness. The pregnancy training program includes naturopathy treatments, diet, and nutrition, counseling. Along with this we also help mothers in constructing the customized diet charts. The program yields the fruits of elimination of diseases and restoring normal life on track during practical exposure.