We conduct hour-long Yoga classes at the center. The sessions are not pre-programmed but individualized based on one’s physical & mental attributes and synchronized to give maximum benefits for holistic health and relief from various diseases. The aim is to make Yoga a way of Life for Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual development.

General Yoga

Any yoga training center can help you gain a lot in the way of facilitating a healthy lifestyle bereft of major chronic illnesses. Across our entirety of essential services, we shall be training you in a progressive course of mastering yoga postures and positions, as well as transitioning in between with the correct flow of breath. Our yoga classes are for everyone, and you will find that all our instructors are completely at ease with beginners as well as more experienced students. Our activities may involve sitting, standing, and lying down both in prone and supine state in addition to posture that could be straight or inverted. These postures would provide you with a great deal of strength, endurance and flexibility throughout your entire body, all in the name of promoting a sense of holistic wellness.

Therapeutic Yoga

Personalized yoga classes are dependent upon the characteristics of an individual, including age, gender or current state for which reason an entire niche of facilitating these services have been conceived by our founder, Dr. Neetu Jain. Based upon three decades of experience and research, these plans are most appropriate as Therapeutic Yoga Classes at our very own Power Yoga Center, which combines that tradition of yoga with many modern sensibilities and approaches to cure, help people ail from diseases. The extended length of the program would combine widely accepted restorative yoga classes, gentler hatha yoga, and various forms of breathing exercises called Pranayama etc. to bring about a state of relaxation, meditativeness and stimulation of the body’s energy points. It is very effective, as pointer out by many medical research experts, and can also include other forms of services including diet counselling.

Yoga For Children

In the modern world children, especially school going, spend most of their time fretting between school, homework and myriad extra-curricular activities leaving them little time for self or free play. In the present times they are exposed to over stimulation, distractions and peer pressure and therefore develop anxieties and insecurities very early in life. Yoga for children is a great way naturally to combat it. Yoga is helpful in developing the awareness of body, mind and breath thus increasing the attention span and concentration. We conduct kids yoga classes to boost child's energy levels and helps to overcome negative emotions while also encouraging healthy food habits.

Yoga For Women (Pre & Post Natal)

The absolute pressure and wearing down upon the physique of any pregnant woman can be effectively countered through specific and recommended practices at our own pregnancy yoga center. These effective set of poses in yoga, and breathing exercises comprise the prenatal yoga classes we offer, and they can help in easing back pain, stress, weakness, indigestions and other forms of pregnancy related issues. The offers we extend shall also constitute pregnancy nutrition plan because we understand to perform our activities you need a certain level of energy, and a great state of health for your child and yourself. In addition to all of these positive physical provisions, our prenatal diagnostic center would also help you achieve the perfect state of mind to deal with mood swings, anxiety and depression etc. both during and after pregnancy.

Yoga For Senior Citizens Pre & Post Surgical

The demographic of senior citizens face serious problems due to a number of factors, the most obvious one being the absolute effect on the body throughout life. At our holistic healing center, yoga therapy courses can help geriatric individuals to deal with various physical conditions, which may have plagued their entire bodies. Yoga can help them ensure to regain some of their previous physical state, but would also help to improve their emotional and mental state immensely. Patience, a positive outlook, awareness etc. can be ensured through our effective services, all of which is augmented by our specially conceived medical nutrition therapy. Our Yoga Centers have become greatly effective in terms of ensuring that every single case of bed ridden or post-surgery conditions are rehabilitated and restored in an encompassing way. Our Peace Counselling Center would keep a check, and promote a constant state of emotional and mental well-being.


Yogis of old practiced constant meditation as a way to attain spiritual enlightenment for themselves, and the resurgence of this practice in this modern age can see why it happened. It is essentially a form of holistic natural therapy, which can include reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and pain, while also increasing awareness, peace of mind, and an all-around state of emotional well-being. All activities serve as excellent pregnancy meditation classes in terms of curing and promoting the state as they occur during the pre and post-natal period. Our yoga meditation center can effectively guide with tools, and essential training guides so that you yourself can perform these practices as a part of your personal life.


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